Your Paper`s Success

Infecting your readers that they join you in the research program that’s success you had a question yeah I have John I’m sort of ambiguous on the question where to put limited limitations of the methods so one approach that I can imagine is to put it directly where they belong in the technical section so then if I even describing a problem I also have to describe as a limitation of the approach I I took the other thing is that well put it to the conclusions and future work because it’s sort of good way to have it there because if somebody is just scanning through the paper well he will see there he will see the utility or non utility to it specific limitations well it’s kind of what what I’ve said in response to your colleague at the back here. More articles on involving reader`s attention onĀ Edusson.

I would be inclined to because we’re talking about weaknesses let that means limitations right things that you don’t do so well mostly I find myself putting that in related work or maybe if it comes up earlier I seldom put in the conclusions because I’m trying to keep the conclusions short because no but I mean really putting it in the in the technical section yep that’s fine too if it comes up naturally there go for it yeah the government it’s the only reason not to put it there is if it’s hard to understand the limitation when you haven’t read the next technical section true that’s all yeah so I saw quite many conclusion sections that were essentially copies of the respective abstract sections but with dance changed from yeah present to past exactly thing about that well so do you think that’s a good use of column inches no total waste of paper right so that’s why I think the you know tell them what you’re going to do tell them and then and then we produce the abstract in the conclusion no help at all I just leave it out to you know just say summarize briefly briefly my question is about special kind of papers like tool papers.

I mean when you write a tool and you are in a race with other tools we have to a little bit about other tools like yeah you couldn’t find that but with your tool but I can find it right now I don’t think you need to be offending right you can say in the outstanding Sat solver designed by 7-7 zone so which has you know as many fantastic properties no it’s clever in this way and it but here’s the table that shows up of our performance and no as you can see we do actually succeed in outperforming them quite often right so the data speaks for itself you don’t need to say in the very stupid Sat solver these guys have witness nobody you could be nice about their work because it almost certainly is good work.