Top 10 Interview Questions asked in Interviews Part3

Questions about the new company.

Why do you want to work here? What do you know about us? Or more specifically, why have you applied for this particular job?

Research, research, research! Don’t just use their website- look at them from different angles.

Use LinkedIn and other social media to find other people who might have worked there… ask for a pre-interview visit… read newspaper articles/ trade journals, inspection reports about them- the internet makes all this very possible.

Show the prospective employer that their company/workplace/ brand matters to you.

Some of us will remember The Apprentice Series 4 where Lee McQueen was almost able to recite Lord Sugar’s CV verbatim- he may have come across as a little obsessive- but he got the job!

It is usually unwise to say you want to work in a particular place because of the money.

Regarding the particular job, the employer is looking for evidence that this job suits you and that you suit it! That’s why it is important to use a professional resume writing service to write successful resume.

Does it fit with your experience, general skills, does it involve things you have said you enjoy, and does it fit with your longer term aspirations?

Do make sure you have a good understanding of what the role entails and how it fits within the wider organisation- again, research, research, research! .

Why did you leave your last job?

Or Why do you want to leave your current job? Or How did you lose your last job?

There are several perfectly acceptable reasons for wanting to leave a workplace:

They are restructuring or have been taken over by another company
I am ready for new challenges and opportunities
Practical reasons- like relocating, changing family circumstances
If you have been laid off- try and remain non-emotional- try not to panic. You will just need to think through what happened and why, and try and communicate it in the best light.

However, NEVER be negative about other people/ ex-employers… you will just come across as a whinge-bag and not able to take personal responsibility- no matter how true your grievance may be, a job interview is not the place to air it!