Be a Geek

Be a Geek.

Be a geek with expertise in yourself.

While others may have different windows of perception about you based on their own worldview and their own biases, you are the only person that has the responsibility to know yourself.

When you are a geek in yourself, you have an excuse to make the most of yourself. Work tirelessly. Never be satisfied with what you know. Go deeper and ask the most disturbing questions you possibly can. Let fear be your guide. Follow your fear with the faith that on the other side of the dark forest lies accomplishment, learning, growth, enlightenment.

Use every tool at your disposal. Ask “Why do/ am I” questions in Google. Perceive your own strengths, close your eyes and envision all those strengths surrounded by a gold aura. See yourself with a smile on your face.

One of the major mistakes one can make on the path of personal development is to categorize oneself, but, unfortunately, this is human. So it goes with saying “I am a geek.” However, the good news is that the relentless pursuit will lead you in ways you would never imagine. The mental step around this is to tell yourself what you want.

Recently I wrote down some of these things that I wanted:

*More good feelings
*More moments of calm
*More laughter

These kinds of affirmation I found are very effective in training the subconscious to seize certain opportunities. Never did I say “I want to be a geek,” I just became one through my pursuit of finding these good feelings. If you want proof of my inherent geekiness, make note of the origin of the company name or talk to me for 5 minutes. Usually, some Lord of the Rings reference will come up and how the world we live in is not epic enough.

Follow the things that give you good feelings and people will give you labels accordingly, even though you will never truly understand these labels, because through your relentless search you believe you are something so much more than.