Know your worth: Why is it important to value yourself

Value yourself and your time.  How much are you worth?  If your answer isn’t “incalculable,” you have a lot to reflect on.  The real beauty is that everyone’s value is incalculable – it is just that most people don’t know it yet.

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What does it mean to value yourself?  That your time is worth money?  That you have something great to contribute?  That you can’t concern yourself with tasks that are not your interest?  Any of these could be an answer.  Ever since I was a child, I knew what my natural talents were.  I couldn’t exactly put words to them, but I knew what they were.  As we grow up, the world and social pressure attempt to bury our subconscious self-esteem.  We are worth only as much as we put into someone else’s “better” venture, be it a company, a boss, a spouse, whatever.  Suddenly we are stuck in a rat race that we only just fell into and wonder what happened.

I am a firm believer in the perfect harmony of the universe.  Everything works as it should and there is nothing right or wrong about it.  We are hands of the universe, we are here to create and harmonize with the spirit of the times.  All such notions of “truth” are invalidated as soon as someone notices them.

What are your natural fortés?  Do you acknowledge them?  Even better, do you use them?  Do you feel at certain times of the day like what you just did was easy, effortless, fun, and satisfying?  That is one of your natural fortés, and it is a powerful sign to follow.  Don’t fear its power, instead, say yes to it and use it.  Realize that no one else born on this earth has the same combination of talents that you do.  Your job is to use them and to use them creatively.  You have nothing or no one to catch up to because even while you may have great ideas only to find out someone else had the same one before and maybe patented it, there is no one else that can do it like you.

You walk your own walk, even if it might be in the same direction as others.  Instead of feeling crowded by them, feel kinship and community.
Just remember, the more you believe your time is worth, the more worth will come to your life.