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Infecting your readers that they join you in the research program that’s success you had a question yeah I have John I’m sort of ambiguous on the question where to put limited limitations of the methods so one approach that I can imagine is to put it directly where they belong in the technical section so then if I even describing a problem I also have to describe as a limitation of the approach I I took the other thing is that well put it to the conclusions and future work because it’s sort of good way to have it there because if somebody is just scanning through the paper well he will see there he will see the utility or non utility to it specific limitations well it’s kind of what what I’ve said in response to your colleague at the back here. More articles on involving reader`s attention on Edusson.

I would be inclined to because we’re talking about weaknesses let that means limitations right things that you don’t do so well mostly I find myself putting that in related work or maybe if it comes up earlier I seldom put in the conclusions because I’m trying to keep the conclusions short because no but I mean really putting it in the in the technical section yep that’s fine too if it comes up naturally there go for it yeah the government it’s the only reason not to put it there is if it’s hard to understand the limitation when you haven’t read the next technical section true that’s all yeah so I saw quite many conclusion sections that were essentially copies of the respective abstract sections but with dance changed from yeah present to past exactly thing about that well so do you think that’s a good use of column inches no total waste of paper right so that’s why I think the you know tell them what you’re going to do tell them and then and then we produce the abstract in the conclusion no help at all I just leave it out to you know just say summarize briefly briefly my question is about special kind of papers like tool papers.

I mean when you write a tool and you are in a race with other tools we have to a little bit about other tools like yeah you couldn’t find that but with your tool but I can find it right now I don’t think you need to be offending right you can say in the outstanding Sat solver designed by 7-7 zone so which has you know as many fantastic properties no it’s clever in this way and it but here’s the table that shows up of our performance and no as you can see we do actually succeed in outperforming them quite often right so the data speaks for itself you don’t need to say in the very stupid Sat solver these guys have witness nobody you could be nice about their work because it almost certainly is good work.

The Topic Sentence Problem

For students I usually advise them to put the topic sentence in the first one or two sentences of the paragraph okay so let’s talk about what the topic sentence is all right the topic sentence presents the main idea of the paragraph and it controls the focus in the direction of the paragraph okay so everything else in the paragraph all of the other sentences stem from the main idea that is put in in the topic sentence so that’s why it’s really important to be able to have a strong one okay so I can not really overestimate the importance of a strong topic sentence which brings me to kind of my first question for you guys okay and I’m I’m actually going to remove myself from the screen for a moment so that you can take 30 seconds to maybe a minute and just look at these four sentences.

And decide which of them do you think would make a strong topic sentence for a paragraph okay as you look through it again feel free to toss your answer into the chat and and then we will discuss it together okay so I’m going to remove myself from the screen take 30 seconds to a minute look at each one and and decide which of these do you think would make a strong topic sentence for a paragraph okay go ahead you you all right I love that music happy music okay so really the only the only thing I wanted you guys to do is is look at the four sentences and decide which do you think makes a proper strong topic sentence okay so let’s look at them together number one it says Canada shares a border with the United States okay in this case let me let me go over here Canada shares a border with the United States now this is kind of not a strong topic sentence now let me tell you why this is a very common mistake that students make.

Writing a topic sentence like this the problem with this topic sentence is that it is too narrow okay so when I say it’s too narrow it means it is really too specific now in this case Canada shares a border with the United States that is a fact okay so a key thing to remember when it comes to topic sentences in paragraph writing is a topic sentence should never be a fact because the main idea of the topic sentence it the topic sentence has to contain something that you’re supporting sentences will develop okay now if you have a fact as the main idea there’s really nothing there for the supporting sentences to add to it so that’s why you can’t have it too narrow no facts at the topic sentence as I said here it needs an idea some some kind of feeling some kind of opinion or something like that that you can expand on and develop.

Essay of Health Education Help

PSHE is described as an important part of a child’s education which should be delivered by all schools . The state that the non-statutory nature of the subject allows PSHE to be moulded to the needs of specific groups of pupils, depending upon the environment in which they live and their particular needs. A critical aim provided for by this subject is that it should enable pupils to be able to make sound assessment of risk, and encourage learners to build up the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to make considered, informed decisions. This is particularly important with regard to issues such as drug education, sex and relationships education, financial education and health education . The subject is described as the vehicle through which meaningful debate about essential issues can be brought into children’s lives  which allows them to develop the life skills to become independent, informed and active citizens (Department for Education and Employment/Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, 1999; endorsed by Worcestershire County Council, 2007). The DfE (2015, p. 4) state that PSHE is a planned programme of school-based learning opportunities and experiences that deal with the real life issues children and young people face as they grow up,” covering those issues in two strands: personal well-being covers sex and relationships education, drug and alcohol education, emotional health and well-being, diet and healthy lifestyle and safety education, with economic well-being covering careers education, work-related learning, enterprise education and financial capability. It is pertinent to note that although PSHE for Key Stages is not compulsory, some aspects are statutory, such as education with regard to sex and relationships, drugs, careers and work-related learning. It should also be noted that schools are expected to coordinate, plan, monitor and assess their provision of PSHE, as with any other subject area.

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In order to be able to fully comprehend PSHE in its current form, it is important that there is an understanding of its development which began with an acknowledgement that children’s personal and social development should be at the centre of any educative process, in order to ensure balanced cultural, spiritual, moral, mental and physical well-being . As stated above, the educative process should foster attitudes of equal opportunity, democracy, healthy living and sustainable development which in turn should enable pupils to develop a profound sense of self . Its inception as a subject came in the 1980s although much of the content associated with it was delivered via the hidden curriculum . With the advent of the National Curriculum came the notion that this content could be delivered as a part of the 10 curriculum subjects stipulated as being compulsory by the government. It was only as a result of the increased emphasis upon inclusive education that PSHE began to be seen as a discrete subject in its own right, being driven by the need for a citizenship education programme  and a renewed commitment to the highest quality educational provision for all children (Department for Education and Employment, 1997). Health education as well as personal, social and emotional development were addressed via the Foundation Stage curriculum documentation  which paved the way for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Department for Children, Schools and Families , 2008). This document, and documents produced for educational provision post 2003, were influenced by the Every Child Matters (ECM) initiative which called for a greater degree of multiagency working in order to ensure the safeguarding of children. ECM aimed to provide teaching which allows children the opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills which enable them to be healthy, to remain safe, to enjoy life and to achieve things, to contribute to society around them and to be able to attain financial stability. There are palpable links between these aims and that of any good quality PSHE provision (Knowles, 2009) as well as additional support programmes across all age groups, such as the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Syllabus  which provides a holistic approach towards encouraging  the social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning, positive behaviour, regular attendance, staff effectiveness and the emotional health and well-being of all learning and work in schools”.



Clearly, PSHE has a central role to play in the curriculum with regard to providing pupils with opportunities to explore important issues which effect of them as individuals and society in general. The approach which individual settings take with regard to this area will have an impact upon the effect that it can have in children’s lives. It is critical that the school’s approach to PSHE is one which is engaging, thought-provoking and inclusive in order to provide equality of opportunity and an acceptance of difference irrespective of individual pupil backgrounds, abilities, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity. The whole school community must work as a team from the governors all the way through to the youngest pupils in order that pupils are provided with opportunities to develop as balanced, fair minded individuals.

Essay of Vocational Education Training

Economies all around the world are changing into knowledge based economies. With the fundamentals of the world changing rapidly with the adjustments in technology, it is important for a person to have specialization in a specific area to be able to find a lucrative job. 

Such form of specialization is imparted by professional education training institutions. Within the areas of health, art, technology and business management, vocational education is normally imparted. The class of the styles is more done into other specific courses. 

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  1. An important number of students, equally non-college-bound and college-bound, are experiential students who’ll learn academic skills most useful from developing them in a career or software context.
  2. Delaying the career or application context after grade 12 lowers motivation and learning achievement for several experiential learners.
  3. Vocational understanding is crucial to the financial health of our nation.

Consider these characteristics of experiential learners:

They often don’t work with their potential in the somewhat abstract-linear atmosphere of conventional classes.

They learn academic skills most useful from concrete tasks and a focus on real-life problems.

They’re usually as or maybe more capable of advanced learning than conventional learners.

So, lacking professional or job learning possibilities is really a major detriment to the many experiential pupils in just about any school population.

Advantages of Vocational and Occupation Education

When powerful vocational learning options can be found in a school district, they present these advantages:

1.Too few policy-makers have given adequate focus on a significant weakness to education system – – not enough inclusion of a strong program component in learning programs.

2.Job pursuit helps many students to explore more information and dedicated options on college enrolment. Students frequently uncover the career path they love and tend to be more motivated to pursue university study.

Career framework makes subjects and programs more meaningful to students. Request increases the strength of understanding through vocational courses.

Defining School in Online Degree

If you attend an online university, you probably don’t follow the same schedule as other people. Most online programs are not setup in traditional semesters, where you basically have the month of December off for winter break. As a result of that, you may need to define your own breaks to still enjoy the holidays while going to school online.

Here are a few tips you can follow to feel as much like a “normal” student as possible throughout the year.

Taking Some Time Off

Most online schools will allow you to take your own break in the middle of the school year if you let your adviser know before the next class sessions start. If you attend a different class every month, you can just skip a month and then pick back up when you return. Seeing that a lot of online programs have classes starting literally once a week, you could make your break as short or long as you want it to be. You just need to let people know ahead of time so they can help you develop the ideal schedule to follow.

You may want to take your break at an odd time to avoid the college crowd that comes along at certain times every year. For instance, you could define your “Spring break” as sometime in February, rather than waiting for the actual spring break season to hit. Then you won’t have to worry about dealing with the drunken college students that will likely be running the streets. You can have more time to spend with your family in peace and quiet.

Doing Your Work Early

One of the beauties of online degree programs is that they are self-paced. If you want to get all of your homework done early, you can do that. Then you will have spare time to use in place of traditional school breaks. This will obviously require more work on your end, but it will be worth it when you get to relax in a school-free environment. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment that comes with getting work done on or ahead of schedule. You should give it a try and see what it could potentially do for you.

Taking Your Work with You

Who says you can’t do homework while you’re on vacation? This may be the only way for you to work everything out. Bring your computer with you on break and try to get classwork done when you aren’t doing anything else. You are bound to have some hours of boredom on your vacation, and those hours will be perfect times to get your school work done. You could even do homework in the car on the way back home if you’re riding with other people. All you need is a computer, online study tools and a remote internet access point.

Final Thoughts

You can still enjoy school breaks even if you go to  You just have to practice self-discipline and learn how to stick to your own schedule. At this point in time, you should know how to do that anyway. That is the essence of going to school online. If you want to reap the benefits of independent study, you have to exert some control on your scheduling. If you can do that, you can make your own breaks for school.

Know your worth: Why is it important to value yourself

Value yourself and your time.  How much are you worth?  If your answer isn’t “incalculable,” you have a lot to reflect on.  The real beauty is that everyone’s value is incalculable – it is just that most people don’t know it yet.

resume help guru craftresumes

What does it mean to value yourself?  That your time is worth money?  That you have something great to contribute?  That you can’t concern yourself with tasks that are not your interest?  Any of these could be an answer.  Ever since I was a child, I knew what my natural talents were.  I couldn’t exactly put words to them, but I knew what they were.  As we grow up, the world and social pressure attempt to bury our subconscious self-esteem.  We are worth only as much as we put into someone else’s “better” venture, be it a company, a boss, a spouse, whatever.  Suddenly we are stuck in a rat race that we only just fell into and wonder what happened.

I am a firm believer in the perfect harmony of the universe.  Everything works as it should and there is nothing right or wrong about it.  We are hands of the universe, we are here to create and harmonize with the spirit of the times.  All such notions of “truth” are invalidated as soon as someone notices them.

What are your natural fortés?  Do you acknowledge them?  Even better, do you use them?  Do you feel at certain times of the day like what you just did was easy, effortless, fun, and satisfying?  That is one of your natural fortés, and it is a powerful sign to follow.  Don’t fear its power, instead, say yes to it and use it.  Realize that no one else born on this earth has the same combination of talents that you do.  Your job is to use them and to use them creatively.  You have nothing or no one to catch up to because even while you may have great ideas only to find out someone else had the same one before and maybe patented it, there is no one else that can do it like you.

You walk your own walk, even if it might be in the same direction as others.  Instead of feeling crowded by them, feel kinship and community.
Just remember, the more you believe your time is worth, the more worth will come to your life.

Essay of Study Tips that can help you: Time Management Strategies

You might also consider some of the hi-tech software that can streamline note taking and even your ability to share class notes with friends and classmates. This includes items like digital recorders for lectures, note taking software, and even tablet pens that both record audio and transfer your notes to a tablet computer. If you find yourself struggling with the quality of your notes from lectures some of these cool tools may be worth considering.

Setting Goals and Priorities

This process is like putting all your possible activities through a filter. Everything you need to do- your important activities, must pass through this evaluation system.

Here are a few of the good study tips to help you with writing essay if an activity is worth doing. BUT if you want to hire writer you can do it on online essay help service. First, brainstorm for a few minutes to get a list of activities and school assignments that have to be done. Then decide which of the following categories an activity belongs to:

  • Time sensitive and important
  • Important but not time sensitive
  • Time sensitive but not important
  • Not time sensitive and not important

See? Right away you are able to focus on what is important while eliminating the others for a better time.

As you prioritize, you can also consider the 20-80 rule. If you are like most people, 80 percent of your productivity will come from 20 percent of your actions. This is one of the helpful study tips for perfectionists. If you can’t be perfect 100% of the time, be perfect at the 20% of stuff that gets you better grades!

Next, buy a paper appointment book, or use a piece of information management software to build a calendar. Enter activities and assignments with due dates so you can reach your daily, weekly, monthly, and end of term goals. Of course you will want to pack that little gem with you to lectures, so you can make new entries for new assignments. Congratulations! You’re in the driver’s seat!

Build a To Do list every day. It may not be very different from yesterday’s… just fill it out and give a glance to how it relates to your overall goals for the week, the month, and the school term. Some people use paper and pen. Some prefer the latest software. Just jump in, set the system up, and watch your productivity rise!

Now that you have your time management strategies in place you may want to check out some more  study tips  that can help you below and integrate them into your system.

Control Your Study Environment

Once you set up a study time,  filter out distractions like socializing, internet browsing, e-mail, and so on. Stick to your own agreements about these decisions. You will be a better student and will also feel better about yourself. Don’t yield to “peer pressure” to break your commitment to study, and don’t be surprised if other students start adopting your good study tips. Treat time as if it were sacred. It is. Hang out with folks who think likewise.

Take it or Leave it: The 411 on QR Codes

Everyone has seen a Quick Response (QR) Code, but most people don’t know what they are. First let’s get a clear definition:

a QR Code is a machine-readable code comprised of an array of black and white squares generally used for storing URLs and other information. The camera on a smartphone that has a barcode scanner app installed reads QR Codes. According to CBS News smartphone statistics report that over half the adult population in America owns a smartphone and is capable of reading QR Codes. However Forbes reveals that QR Code usage exists in only 17 percent of smartphones in America.
Although QR Codes were developed in 1995 they still have yet to see the light of popularity. But as more businesses embrace this technology, QR Codes are projected to increase in popularity. But those who already know about the existence of QR Codes are asking this question: are QR Codes good for business?

The Pros and Cons

There are a number of reasons why some dislike QR Codes. Many refuse to put them on their marketing materials because they label them “ugly” and claim they distort the brand’s aesthetic appeal and make it look “cheap.” Others refuse to use them because they feel the functionality is too limited. For example, it can be rather difficult for a QR Code to connect a Facebook ID with the end users and provide or track appropriate content. Finally, the user experience is drastically low and many people feel QR Codes are not worth the bother or worth “defacing” their marketing materials.
If used correctly QR Codes can build customer relationships, help with SEO, boost blog traffic, and aid in targeting specific audiences. They are also extremely easy to use and don’t monopolize much time. But before you start developing your QR Codes you need to make sure your website and its content is worthy. When you hire your SEO specialist make sure to communicate your intention to use QR Codes and ask what components should be QR Code readable.


Multiple businesses struggle to get clients to complete surveys regarding products. When handed paper surveys most wind up in the trash and those sent via e-mail find their way into junk mail. However, QR Codes can provide links to surveys that can easily be completed in line at the store, while waiting for a medical appointment or seated at a table in a favorite restaurant.


QR Codes can add fuel to your SEO fire. When using a social graph stuffed with music clips, images, videos and content a QR Code can enhance your social media and search engine optimization. Traffic can be easily increased to these searchable items through QR Codes as a PLATFORM for encouraging sharing. Even printing a QR Code on the back of your business card that links to a You Tube video posted to your website can enhance visibility and encourage sharing via social sites like Twitter and Facebook that will lead the multitudes to your URL.

Proper Usage

If you decide to implement QR Codes into your marketing endeavors make sure you use them correctly. Nobody is going to scan a QR Code from or on a moving vehicle. This means putting a QR Code on a public bench, a building or on a car is a waste of time and effort. QR Codes also have no place on banners or flags that flap in the breeze making a scan nearly impossible. Business cards, envelopes, letterheads, brochures and articles are acceptable and advantageous places to display QR Codes, if in fact you decide to take them rather than leave them.

One Way To Make Yourself More Congruent- The “Into the Forest” Phenomenon

What I want to talk about today is a reliable indicator of how far on or off the path of their own personal truth a person lies.

Personal truth is congruence, when someone feels like they truly belong in their own skin, both from the inside and outside, from oneself and from others.

You have certainly met someone in your life that is incongruent.

This will be very familiar to you. You see someone walk into a room. Immediately the reptilian part of your mind categorizes this person, whether your morals say that this is the “right” thing to do or not. You just do. Imagine a person. What kind of job does this person have? What kind of relationship do they have with the opposite sex? What kind of a friends do they have? Do they brush their teeth at night? Do they read books? Do they watch sports? Generally, our highly trained minds will somewhat accurately predict a person’s personality before they even say a word.

Have you ever seen a person, categorized them, and then they started talking andsomething just felt off? Not something so obvious as someone wearing a real mask, but a personality mask. An uncomfortable personality mask. One that says “I am really uncomfortable in my skin and this mask hurts?” Maybe it is just a nervous tick when you thought someone was really confident and grounded. Maybe you thought someone was a really nasty looking person, and when they talk they seem to reflect this, except for a little something, a little burning fire of friendship inside.

I believe generally our predictions from our gut are accurate.

Our modern technology oriented minds seem to get in the way as much as our morals, our ideas about how the world should be. This divide between reality and a dream is where I believe I see many people come to a Stop sign, and they stop! Not only do they stop, but they stay there! On the other side of the stop sign, it says “You should have kept going, fool!” The stop sign is on the path of congruence, of aligning one’s life so that not only do they feel comfortable in their skin, but others feel comfortable for them!

The next step is what I call the “Into the Forest” phenomenon. Think of it as a certain red vs. blue pill. Will you continue to stop and stay at the sign, or do you continue on through, knowing that for the rest of your life there will be stop signs, and you just have to KEEP GOING THROUGH THEM? The Into the Forest phenomenon is where someone’s idea about how they think the world should be is tested. Their ideals come up from a plush green field and suddenly are presented with a path into a forest full of mystery, darkness, wolves, and danger. One has only to realize that it is the ideals that we so stronly and foolishly cling onto that are in danger – it is NOT phsyical danger. It is a person’s ego, a person’s artificial values based on who and what they cherish. Will you seek personal truth, congruence, or will you stop dead at the forest and return to the plush green fields of hobbits, mom’s cooking, dad’s values, your friends’ ideas about what you are and what you will always be?

While I will save this for another article, my first crashing down of reality came from my own problems in the dating scene after college. Coming off a long term relationship, I was so uncomfortable around women I wanted to date, that they could sense it, they felt I was not congruent. My own inquisitiveness led me to a scene of individuals on the internet that sought to change this fragility of male ego. Pick up artists. Seduction experts. Psychopaths. Manipulators. Genuine self-help individuals. The whole gamut of human minds all focused on the goal of making their love lives what they have always wanted them to be. And within what I read people discovered absolutely blew my roof. Everything from my past relationships, for a moment, immediately I saw through shit colored glasses. My ideals bled to death.

How can this be? How can I live knowing this now?

Behind what you fear, on the other side of that forest, lies another, greener field. A better place. But there may be tears, there may be pain, maybe in some instances, death. But to die searching for what truly brings peace to one’s mind, one’s soul, is just as good in my mind as having achieved it.

Will your ideals stop you dead at the sight of something different, or will you enter the forest with your sword? Who will come out alive on the other side is an individual with less ideals, but stronger, more congruent, ready for a moment of repose before picking up one’s things and carrying on. With achievement comes temporary glory, but you must know that the forest will present itself again. This time, you are better prepared. This is the rune Wunjo in the Futhark alphabet. Find your temporary glory. Bask in the sun for a moment for yourself. Don’t stop, ever.

Be a Geek

Be a Geek.

Be a geek with expertise in yourself.

While others may have different windows of perception about you based on their own worldview and their own biases, you are the only person that has the responsibility to know yourself.

When you are a geek in yourself, you have an excuse to make the most of yourself. Work tirelessly. Never be satisfied with what you know. Go deeper and ask the most disturbing questions you possibly can. Let fear be your guide. Follow your fear with the faith that on the other side of the dark forest lies accomplishment, learning, growth, enlightenment.

Use every tool at your disposal. Ask “Why do/ am I” questions in Google. Perceive your own strengths, close your eyes and envision all those strengths surrounded by a gold aura. See yourself with a smile on your face.

One of the major mistakes one can make on the path of personal development is to categorize oneself, but, unfortunately, this is human. So it goes with saying “I am a geek.” However, the good news is that the relentless pursuit will lead you in ways you would never imagine. The mental step around this is to tell yourself what you want.

Recently I wrote down some of these things that I wanted:

*More good feelings
*More moments of calm
*More laughter

These kinds of affirmation I found are very effective in training the subconscious to seize certain opportunities. Never did I say “I want to be a geek,” I just became one through my pursuit of finding these good feelings. If you want proof of my inherent geekiness, make note of the origin of the company name or talk to me for 5 minutes. Usually, some Lord of the Rings reference will come up and how the world we live in is not epic enough.

Follow the things that give you good feelings and people will give you labels accordingly, even though you will never truly understand these labels, because through your relentless search you believe you are something so much more than.